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Seton Catholic Central

206 New York Road

Plattsburgh, New York 12903

Phone: (518) 561-4031                                                Fax: (518) 563-1193


Seton Theater Production of ‘GREASE’ ~  Friday, May 30 & Saturday, May 31

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Our Mission Statement

The goal of Seton Catholic Central School is to develop in our students a generous and loving

concern for all people and a deep respect for God-given, individual differences. We instill in

our students the desire for continuous learning, self-improvement, and self-respect in order to

help them meet the challenges of life. We inspire the students to make a life-long commitment

to Gospel values, social justice, non-violence, and peace in our world. In the Catholic tradition,

we encourage our students to be Christ-centered, strong, upright, wise and articulate men and

women who take their rightful place in the Church and in the world.



Seton Catholic's Philosophy

Seton Catholic offers an extensive curriculum that provides a high-quality academic education

that meets the diversity of our student body. The school community studies the teachings of

Christ and participates in liturgy and para-liturgical experiences. Extracurricular and social

activities enable students to develop their leadership skills.

Seton Catholic fosters responsible, decision-making skills within individuals and groups as

students participate in a wide variety of school-sanctioned experiences.  The school promotes

an awareness of the needs of others in the community and around the world.  Seton enhances

communication skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening to prepare students for higher education and for life.


Parents are the primary educators of the children. Seton’s qualified faculty collaborates

with parents in fostering the growth of the whole person. The school offers a diverse and

comprehensive education which encourages intellectual curiosity. Through an evolving

curriculum suited to particular needs, Seton Catholic strives to nurture the talents and

skills of the students as expressed in the Mission Statement.


We believe…

  We are a Catholic school. Prayer and worship connect us with God and with one another.


  We strengthen our relationship with God as we live out the Gospel message.


  We believe that analytic and critical thinking skills are necessary. Our faculty strives

         to develop these in our students through our curriculum.


  We believe that we are a community of faith-filled learners. Each of us is encouraged

         to be a responsible, contributing member who communicates with and supports

         the others.


We believe that each of us has the responsibility to expand our knowledge of our nation  

        and world. As members of a global community, our differences are to be honored and 









Grades 7 - 12

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