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Our Mission Statement

Our Seton Pre K - 12 family of faith fosters academic excellence, nurtures personal responsibility, and encourages service to others in the spirit of Jesus.


Seton Catholic's Philosophy

Seton Catholic offers an extensive curriculum that provides a high-quality academic

education, incorporating the use of technology and differentiated instruction and that

respects the uniqueness of individuals. The school community studies the teachings

of Christ and participates in liturgy and para-liturgical experiences.  Extra-curricular

and social activities enable students to develop their leadership skill and characters. 


Fulfilling the mission of our patroness, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Seton Catholic fosters

responsible decision-making skills within individuals and groups, as students participate

in a wide variety of experiences.  The school promotes an ongoing commitment to

addressing the needs of others in the community and around the world through works

of peace and justice. Seton inspires life-long learning and mastery of communication

skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening to prepare students for higher education

and for life.


Seton's qualified faculty collaborates with parents in fostering the growth of the whole

person.  The school offers a diverse and comprehensive education, which encourages

intellectual curiosity.  Seton Catholic strives to produce a catalyst for change and growth

in the Catholic community as well as in society as expressed in the Mission statement.


We are a Catholic School and we believe:

  • Prayer and worship connect us with God and with one another. We strengthen our

           relationship with God as we live out the Gospel message.


  • Through our curriculum our faculty strives to develop analytical and critical

           thinking in our students.


  • That we are a community of faith-filled learners. We are all encouraged to be

           responsible, contributing members who support each other.


  • As members of a global community our differences are to be honored and

           respected and each of us has the responsibility to expand our knowledge of




           our nation and our world.







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